Junnifer: A HUGE Surprise! (Chapter 2)

(The nesting twins in the last ultrasound, Junnifer on the left, Jennifur on the right).

I suppose it shouldn't come as such a shock, given that twins run in our family, but my sister is in a state of utter shock.

After emailing me the latest ultrasound, Candace called and wailed into the phone. "I'm going to have five kids--can you imagine?"

Candace and Bill had planned to stop at four, but, apparently, the elusive Junnifer had other ideas. Junni, the little devil, must have been hiding behind Jennifur in the original ultrasound. Evidently, such surprises are not all that uncommon.

"You'll be okay," I said. "The girls will entertain each other. Remember how it was when we were growing up?"

"That's not the point. Think of the clothes! Diapers! Food!" A weepy, sobby pause. "College!"

"You'll manage..."

"Easy for you to say, with just two kids..."

She has a point; I don't know what I'd do with five kids. Probably go crazy.

But Candace has the patience of Job, unlike me who unravels at the slightest provocation.

In every sense of the word, we are mirror-image twins; we may look alike, but we have very different personalities. Candace loves her big noisy house and frequent entertaining, while I prefer my cozy home and quiet times with Jerry and the kids. I'm just not into the big party scene, not even during college.

Still, I love my sister; we're extremely close, and despite our different personalities, we understand each other and enjoy being together.

The girls are due next month, but Candace's doctor will be inducing labor two weeks from today. The girls are getting rather large, and if they wait too long, they might have a difficult time getting through the birth canal (I'm still trying to figure out how Junni managed to hide for so long).

I have arranged to take off work for two weeks; I fly out next week. I will be in that delivery room, just as Candace has always been there for me and my family.

Junni and Jenny: I like the sound of that...

OMG! Candace and Bill will need two of everything!

I'd better get that credit card out!